While you are saving the environment by enjoying the carpool services of Clicsha, you get an opportunity to earn extra money by spreading out the word using our unique referring program in which you refer your friends to sign up and they further add their friends to help you grow your/their referral network. By simply signing up, a group is created to benefit each other in which people using carpool services of Clicsha get a chance to not only save the environment by sharing rides from home to office and office to home, they also gets rewarded at the same time.For every transaction that happens in your referred network, you get rewarded and credits gets added to your account with no limit.
Referral Program advantages:
  • No Signup Fee
  • No Transaction Limit
  • No Earning Limit
  • No Referral Limit

Refer as much as you like and Earn as per your eligibility criteria for every time someone in your referred network transacts and you get rewarded as per your Membership Level.

Unique Referral Program Eligibility Criteria for each Membership Level

Commission Payout Based on Membership Level

Calculation of Commission Payments

To understand how it works, let's put some money into the picture and see what happens in below example :

Suppose, Mary carpools with Gary and the total transaction cost was ₹250/- for the day. For the overall transaction which Mary did, Tina was eligible for 3% commission payout (as her membership level was Elite) of overall transaction value of ₹250/-, i.e. ₹7.50/- credits get deposited to her account. Tina travelled with Mark and her overall transaction cost was ₹250/- for the day. Now, your membership level was Elite, so you will get (3% of ₹250/-) + (3% of ₹7.50/-), i.e. ₹7.72/- gets credited into your account.

In a similar fashion, let’s say you have referred Nick, Natasha, Rebecca & Harry like Tina, who transacted for ₹1,000/- for the day. Now, you being an Elite Member gets 3% of ₹1,000/-, i.e. ₹30/- gets credited to your account. In total, you earned ₹37.72/- by simply asking your friends/colleagues/neighbors to join your referral network on Clicsha.

In a nutshell, whenever Mary gets rewarded/transacts, Tina gets the commission. Whenever, Tina gets rewarded/transacts, you get the commission. Whenever, someone in your referred group transacts, everyone in the chain gets the benefit!

More you promote carpool by sharing your Referral, More you help in saving the environment!!!

More you help in saving the Environment, More you get rewarded!!!

Membership Level Commission %age Qualifying Criteria
Km Shared # of Referral
Elite 6.0 62500 100
Platinum 5.0 37500 80
Diamond 4.0 22500 40
Gold 3.0 12500 20
Silver 2.0 5000 10
Basic 1.0 0 0

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